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May 20th 2012 - Reblog To Raise Awareness

An Important Message for Humanity from the Higher Self

We find certainly this is somewhat of a pivotal point or balance point, as you would call it, in time in regard to the circumstances between the different forces that are surrounding and are affecting the planet earth itself. To the celestial or to that of the galactic, and to that is widely held as to a separation of certain souls upon the planet, in what is called the ascension, this does not seem to be evident in regard to what would be expected, as to a group of minds leaving the earth collectively ascending to a safer place, either by their own means or by space crafts that would be provided.

As to an alignment in space and time this certainly does correlate, with the two larger planets on one side, and the larger planet on the opposite side aligning with the remaining planets. Does not seem to be quite evident or in exact location at this date [20th]. There seems to be another corresponding date in later June, also into September, and then throughout that of October, November, December, this would be an influence to.

Therefore to the question, we do not find too much changing in that, that would be a metaphysical change, a sudden change in population. We do find here a pivotal point being reached, one of about five, as we would see the Pleiades Alignment, there would be further communications from that, that would be deeper parts of the galaxy as this sensitive time allows for these direct communications, this will continue to occur with that of certain reference points to the planet, to the cosmos above, and to those voices, or communications that would lie in a far away place, a central point in the cosmos.

As to the month of May, yes this is a pivotal point, and it is a time which there would be a collection of smaller occurrences. Looking back it will see to be that several spheres were aligned and at such have influence upon the planet itself. To the Southern Hemisphere, yes there seems to be some disturbances brewing here and this month of May, you will see more of the churning of the sea off the Chilean coast as you would expect, but not too extensively, but still vibrational influences [Siesmic Activity] here will be evident, but not that it would make the place disappear.

There will be a shift or wobble that will be noticeable almost like a skipping or a glitch in a record player. This will be noticeable from the North to the South Hemisphere. We do find that there will be a series of storms, or darkness that will come over the planet, due to these disturbances or to these alignments as they would tend to alter or shift, slow the rotation [of the planet] you might say. This will be noticeable, a shutter almost will occur on this day, and the whole planet may feel or sense the same. But it will be a shift or it will be that initial point that will cause the rotation to be different and the planets rotation and placement to be different from whence it first started out.Noticeably, yes there will be change. It may start in the North Pole and come southward, as a shutter or as a sluggish glitch or here a shift in the rotation of the planet. It will be dismissed, but it will largely be influential as the initial point in which the planet [crust] will slide a little over the magma, the North Pole moving southward towards the South Pole, if you will, taking into accord the area or region as being somewhat of a large flat platform.

Understand that this is one of several points in which the cosmic clock will arrive, almost like every hour arrives at the 12 o’clock position, as the minute hand comes to that point and strikes true on the hour. It is a sign, it is an area, it is a warning, it is a that, that would be an indicator, that there are changes in the its rotation, it direction and its speed, that should be noted and then to be understood as to the possibility that the core is spinning at a different speed or rate than the outer shell, or the body has, you might say, the understanding, the shell being the body. With this understood then it could be seen that planet itself, does not have a stability that it once had.

To that of the positioning [alignment] of the planets [in the solar system] it would be seen that it not a vice, but rather that the planet is being pulled apart or separated by opposing forces, like the shape of a ‘V’ and at the point or apex of the ‘V’ is the Sun itself. Does seem to cause the planet some despair….

Understand that the minds of humans are in this point causing with their anger, with their frustrations disturbances to appear all over the globe. From Italy to Greece, to Spain, to Russia, to those countries in Western Europe. Through to those areas in the West, in America, and Canada, in the Northern Hemisphere, and on on the other side of the Pacific, there is a shuttering and a percolating taking place in the area of Japan. These emotions that would seem to be combative or here full of frustration or fear, are causing the planet to suffer these disturbances as it would be seen.

If there could be compassion and if there could be a reaching out now at this point in time, then their might be an avoidance as of the slippage of the crust on the core that is molten and slippery. Not a separation, but a coming together of various minds. Otherwise this time, this place will feel the shutter and the disturbances and their will be some recollection of storms and dark clouds and the sea will bubble up like it is boiling but it is not. There will be increased Seismic Activity in the North to the South, along the Western Coast of the Americas, [also] across the Northern Regions of Russia, to Africa, India and extending further East there will be shutters, quakes that will be long in their duration.

But we see people protected in their place.

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10th of May 2012

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