The Great Principle is in all Life, all Mind, all Truth, all Love, all Spirit
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The Source

The Source

"There are no injustices in the world as you know it. Each receives that exactly as they would give forward - not one iota more or less."

The Source

"When you have continuity, you have truth!"

The Source

"Always take the optimistic outlook over
everything, and banish all gloom and negativity.
You are surrounded by many wonderful people,
things and experiences in life. Why not
concentrate on them and give thanks for
them, letting go and releasing all that is
unpleasant, unhappy or difficult? By your
attitude and outlook you draw to you the
very best or the very worst in life. Therefore,
if you are blaming your circumstances, life or
people for your misfortunes, look within to see
what you can do to change your attitude. As
you start doing it, little by little you will find
changes taking place, and you will begin to
realise how mightily blessed you are and how
truly wonderful life is. What a joy and a privilege
it is to be alive, to be where you are, doing what
you are doing, surrounded by so many wonderful
things and people.Start right now looking for them.
They are right there, so you will not have to look very far."

The Source

"There is a season for all things. There is a beginning and an end for all things. There cannot be a furtherance or continuation without an end. As the trees lose their leaves in the fall, is this the end, the death of the trees, or is it the beginning of the new cycle in another year, or another life of the tree? Think of this. See the tree as the soul, and with each coming season the development of the soul, and with each coming year the growth of the soul. For year by year, life by life, the soul grows ever upward, ever outward, demonstrating that it is of God, and it is becoming more and more, never less. And it puts down good roots so they can raise its branches high. It becomes sturdy and true. Be like the tree. Understand that it is necessary for the soul to enter in through that of the seasons, so there can be that of the transition, year to year, of growth. And simply, the physical life (as you would know it) is but a simple breath in the life of the soul, for the soul is eternal. And if this life is but similar to a breath in the life of the soul, what’s the concern? For you are eternal; you are of God."

The Source

"The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.
It is right there waiting for you to recognise it.
You must know this,
believe it,
then bring it about.
The Kingdom of Heaven is a state of mind
and it is for everyone to seek and find."

The Source

Anonymous asked: What is "The Source?"

It is not a spirit, it is not a personality, it is not someone else talking. The Source is the rest of your mind, the Higher Mind, communicating from the mind of God, the Throne of Grace itself.

The Source mind, which gave birth to your mind. It pre-existed your physical body and created your physical body. Its relationship to God might best be described as the child of God, the only son of God.

The Source is an intelligence that is inherent within you, that is not the result of the brain functioning. The Source is that higher consciousnesses - the greater consciousnesses within you also known as the superconscious. That same intelligence is available to everyone. For we are all sleeping Gods, and our purpose is to awaken God in the heart of every man and woman we see.

"Do not adulterate the mind with worry or fear. Let the heart be pure and innocent."

The Source

"Wisdom is gained from Intellectual Learning and Practical Experience; combining these two, one becomes Wise"

The Source

The Law of One Fellowship

The Law of One Fellowship

The Law of One Spiritual Village in Australia

"It is not of great importance where the establishment of such a network shall occur, and yet it is of great importance that in the transition to a New Earth that the focus or center of such a network be in Australia. After the shifting of the magnetic poles of Earth, Australia shall become the energy centre of that closer to the positive pole of Earth, benefiting as a result of that law seen in the fact that those nations or people closest to the positive pole become the leaders of the world in their time and are seldom or never conquered by those south of their position or further from the pole.

And so Australia has been prepared, largely laid dormant over the centuries, even the ages, and that great mass now seen as desert will bloom. It has been laid waste, as it were, for these centuries for the particular purpose of saving her saved from development or the misuse, abuse of man in your time. So that it has, as it were, lain fallow, and the richness covered there shall become active with this shifting of the axis of polarity and the changing of patterns of weather. This becomes then a change in climate, of temperature, moisture and rainfall, and it will be a breadbasket, a focus of civilization in this changing time of Earth”

The Source

Wondering In The Australian Wilderness

Partner and I

Sixth Brotherhood Test - Love Divine

In all the land there was no place more grandly furnished than the Beauty Parlors of the Temple of the Sun.

2Few students ever entered these rich rooms; the priests re­garded them with awe, and called them Halls of Mysteries.

3When Jesus had attained the victory over fear, he gained the right to enter here.

4The guide led on the way, and after passing many richly furnished rooms they reached the Hall of Harmony; and here was Jesus left alone.

5Among the instruments of music was a harpsichord, and Jesus sat in thoughtful mood inspecting it, when, quietly, a maiden of en­trancing beauty came into the hall.

6She did not seem to notice Jesus as he sat and mused, so busy with his thoughts.

7She found her place beside the harpsichord; she touched the chords most gently, and she sung the songs of Israel.

8And Jesus was entranced; such beauty he had never seen; such music he had never heard.

9The maiden sung her songs; she did not seem to know that any one was near; she went her way

10And Jesus, talking with him­self, said out, "What is the meaning of this incident? I did not know that such entrancing beauty and such queen-like loveliness were ever found among the sons of men".

11I did not know that voice of angel ever graced a human form, or that seraphic music ever came from human lips”.

12For days he sat entranced; the current of his thoughts was changed; he thought of nothing but the singer and her songs.

13He longed to see her once again; and after certain days she came; she spoke and laid her hand upon his head.

14Her touch thrilled all his soul, and for the time, forgotten was the work that he was sent to do.

15Few were the words the maiden said; she went her way; but then the heart of Jesus had been touched.

16A love-flame had been kin­dled in his soul, and he was brought to face the sorest trial of his life.

17He could not sleep nor eat. Thoughts of the maiden came; they would not go. His carnal nature called aloud for her companionship.

18And then he said, "Lo, I have conquered every foe that I have met, and shall I now be conquered by this carnal love?"

19My Father sent me here to show the power of love divine, that love that reaches every living thing.”

20”Shall this pure, universal love be all absorbed by carnal love? Shall I forget all creatures else, and lose my life in this fair maiden, though she is the highest type of beauty, purity and love?”

21Into its very depths his soul was stirred, and long he wrestled with this angel-idol of his heart.

22But when the day was almost lost, his higher ego rose in might; he found himself again, and then he said,

23Although my heart shall break I will not fail in this my hard­est task; I will be victor over carnal love.”

24And when again the maiden came, and offered him her hand and heart, he said,

25Fair one, your very presence thrills me with delight; your voice is benediction to my soul; my human self would fly with you, and be con­tented in your love;”

26But all the world is craving for a love that I have come to mani­fest.”

27I must, then, bid you go; but we will meet again; our ways on earth will not be cast apart.”

28I see you in the hurrying throngs of earth as minister of love; I hear your voice in song, that wins the hearts of men to better things.”

29And then in sorrow and in tears the maiden went away, and Jesus was again alone.

30And instantly the great bells of the temple rang; the singers sung a new, new song; the grotto blazed with light.

31The hierophant himself ap­peared, and said, All hail! tri­umphant Logos, hail! The con­queror of carnal love stands on the heights.

32And then he placed in Jesus’ hands a scroll on which was written LOVE DIVINE.

33Together they passed from the grotto of the beautiful, and in the banquet hall a feast was served, and Jesus was the honored guest.

The Source